Holifield Happenings

January 9, 2014

Upcoming Events

January 14 (Tues) - Equivalent Fraction quiz

Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night (5-8pm)

January 15 (Wed) - Science Fair Project Plan #11-12 due

January 20 (Mon) - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, School Closed

January 21 (Tues) - Teacher Work Day, No school for students

January 24 (Fri) - Report Cards Issued

January 27 (Mon) - Science Fair Projects due (please don't put your child's name on it)

January 30 (Thurs) - STEMs Night (6:00 - 7:30)

February 20 (Thurs) - Field Trip to Leaphart Elementary (more info coming soon)

March 18-19 (Tues/Wed) - PASS Writing

March 27 (Thurs) - Middleton Place field trip (more info coming soon)

Language Arts

Caesar's English

This week’s stems:

· bene = good; examples: benefit, benefactor, benediction

· son = sound; examples: sonorous, dissonance, sonnet

· nov = new; examples: novice, nova, innovation

· sangui = blood; sanguine, sanguinary, consanguinity

· cogn = know; cognizance, incognito, cognoscenti


Hopefully, you have heard about Touching Spirit Bear, our new read aloud. I will post questions on Edmodo for your child to respond to during the week. There will be a new question Monday - Thursday. It is your child's responsibility to post a response to the question on at least 3 of the 4 days. In addition, I want them to respond to another student's reply at least once each week. I will discuss these changes with the class on Monday morning.


Many of your children have started typing their Memoir. I have set a goal of having everyone finished with the process by Friday. When we return to our regular schedule on the following Wednesday (1/22), we will work with the Opinion writing rubric.


As you know, Mrs. Reeves and I have used a few different resources for Math this year. Our current chapter in math is fractions and we are approaching it in an unusual way. We gave a pretest on the first fraction standard with the intention to teach that standard and test it alone. I suppose you could call it baby steps... Our plan is to do a pre- and post- test for each standard. For the first standard (4.NF.1), we will take a quiz on Tuesday and the test on Thursday.

This week I finally explored a website that I stumbled upon a while ago. The name is Khan Academy. I am including the link and I highly encourage you to sign your child up for it. It has many different subjects available, but I focused on Math. You can find practice problems and videos for every math standard we have. In addition, you can challenge yourself with standards in other grades. In 4th grade AGP, we not only cover the 4th grade state standards, but also several of the 5th grade standards. Please check it out. I will be using it in class this coming week.

Science & Social Studies

In Science, we began our Astronomy unit this past week by comparing the Earth, Moon and Sun. This unit will move quickly because the children have background knowledge and it is a shorter unit.

Because of MAP testing and the delayed starts to school, we were not able to get very far in Social Studies. However, the children were given a long list of People to Know for this chapter. I have recommended that they create study cards for each person on the note sheet.

Please make sure your child is studying the notes in their History Alive and Super Science notebooks regularly. The best way to do this is to have conversations about it with you. This will allow them to discover the things that are still unclear for them.