Cult. Geo.

Ally Caouette

Section 1- SA

Section 1: Where do you want to live?

Section 1: Geography impacts on how people live on the climate and weather.

Section 1: Globalization is tendency of businesses, technologies, or philosophies to spread throughout the world, or the process of making this happen.

Section 1: Some pros for globalization is free trade, the consumer, and economy benefit. Some cons for globalization is loss of cultural identity, strain among job markets.

Section 2- SA

Section 2: The North Face jacket is from Vietnam. I realized that this was not the North Face backpack, it was the JanSport one instead.

Section 2: The jackets are also made of nylon, and plastics for the zippers. Wilmington, Delaware is a manufacturing city of nylon and Atlanta. Georgia is a big manufacturing of plastics. .

Section 2: The environmental problem caused by globalization is when a new business comes to a new place and has to build a new building.

Section 2: In Technological the problem is when the technology affects the area.

Section 2: A problem with globalization about cultural is when the region due to a business expansion.

Section 2: A problem with economic globalization is when a business would be built in a new country.

Section 2: A problem about the north face jacket is cultural because moving the business would be a lot harder because of all the workers it can be a traumatic change and most people could loose there jobs because of the distance.

Section 3- SA

Section 3: Globalization relates to me, not even on snapchat, but how when you order something it takes so many weeks because it travels around the world, and how everything is and because of the technology because it makes it, and the environment of all the materials its in.

Section 3: My 6 word story on how I think globalization is the weather, or climate because people like busy places they will live in like NYC, people like Mountains, they would live up in Maine.