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Week of October 28- November 1

So What Does a 1, 2, 3, & 4 Mean?

With it being report card week, I wanted to take the time to address our grading system! Every year, parents have many questions about grades and what exactly they mean. I will give you an analogy to also help in providing a clearer picture for you! **The analogy focuses on tying your shoe.** =)


If your child gets a one, that means they are truly struggling. Even with help from the teacher, the child is unable to comprehend a particular skill.

**You have begun to teach your child to tie their shoe but they just can't get it, so you are tying it for them each time.**


When a 2 is given, the teacher has seen some progress and the child is moving towards mastering the concept. The student needs the teacher to help them at various times to lead them in the right direction, after instruction has been given.

**Your child is beginning to understand how to tie their shoe. They can maybe begin the process but gets stuck on the "bunny ears" so you have to guide them to complete the process.**


A 3 means that the student has mastered the skills taught. They do not need any extra help or guidance with concepts and when it is covered again, at a later date, they remember it! This is the goal for every student to reach. When they receive a 3, this means they are ready for the next step or concept.

**Your child can now tie their shoe all on their own and it stays tied!**


A 4 is a very hard thing to achieve. A 4 means that not only has the student learned and mastered the concept but now they are applying the concept in a deeper or different way that has yet to be taught.

**Now your student starts tying their shoe in a different way. Instead of starting with bunny ears, they are now looping the shoe laces in a reverse fashion and still ending with a beautifully tied shoe.**

Hope this helps when looking at your child's report card grades this week!

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My Apologies

I am so sorry I was out for a few days this past week! I was diagnosed with strep and an upper respiratory infection on Wednesday and was out until Friday. I must say that it was awful and I am still not feeling 100% recovered.

I feel like much of last week was wasted and for that I am truly sorry! Beside myself, several of my students have been out sick as well. There are many illnesses going around, so the more we can do to defend ourselves the better! We will begin wiping our desks with Lysol each day to hopefully help eliminate germs that could spread each day!

Together we can help keep our kiddos healthy and at school!