adrian peterson

adrian peterson is as strong as a bull


Adrian Peterson has the most running yards in NFL history. he lead the vikings to the play offs and won MVP. he ran 316 yards in one game . he is the number one running back for the vikings.


Adrein peterson was born on march 21st 1985 . he played ever since he was ten. his dad seid he was amazing. he practisd all day and all night. his dad was his coach.


he ran the most running yards of all time. he is the most phisical runner in the game.

How he got into the sport

Adrian Peterson came into the leage with a bang. He ran 27 tochdowns in his first seson. he ran as fast as a bullet.
Philip Rivers Tosses a Pick Six to Chad Greenway | Chargers vs. Vikings | NFL

Team/sport info

Adrian Peterson is on the vikings. he is Nomber 28. he made three MVPs in a row. he made the running record.

extra tid bits

he had a sereos leg injery. he went to the unavercity of Okluhoma. he does not avoid contact. he is 6 feet 1 inch and 217 lbs
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Adrian Peterson 80yard Touchdown Run.