Ms. Gurley's Classroom

Welcome to my class!

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Fun Facts

~ I am originally from Hickory, NC.

~ I have 7 dogs! (they are my babies)

~ I love playing guitar and singing.

~ I am an only child.

~I am graduating from Western Carolina University in the Spring of 2016!

~ My favorite color is purple.

~My favorite animal is a pug.

~ I absolutely love teaching!!!

What should you expect from my class?

Expect to learn. A lot. I expect 100 % effort from 100 % of my students. We have a lot to cover in our short time together so I want to make it worth while. Expect things not to go your way all of the time. Please just trust that I know what I am doing and that it is always for your benefit. Expect to make memories. Some may not be the happiest, but most of them will be phenomenal. Lastly, expect to have fun! Learning is fun and I plan to always keep you engaged in what I want you to do.

Learn, have fun, and make memories!

This is how excited I am to meet you.....

Excited puppy spots its owner

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me anytime!