Musical Moments

With Ms. Hains

Virtual Open House 2020-2021

What Students need to bring to music class

- Empty Clorox wipe canister (large size), label removed

- 1 gallon ziplock bag

- IF desired, your child may bring a small bag of NON-food "debris" as filler for their own egg shaker (beads, aquarium pebbles, small paper clips, etc.)

We will use these to assemble our individual instrument kits. This will allow us to minimize shared contact surfaces in music class. Less cleaning, more playing!

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Music class health & safety

- Individual instrument kits to limit shared-contact surfaces

- Limited movement

- No singing or playing recorder (this will hopefully change once we receive the results of Colorado State University's aerosol study)

- Classroom will be sanitized between classes

- Students and teacher will wear masks

Our focus this year

Music class will look and sound different this year. That means we get to have fun in NEW ways! Here are some of the things we'll be doing:

- Assemble individual instrument kits

- Music and literature

- Lots and lots of rhythm and percussion

- In-seat movement

- Use music to explore awareness of ourselves and others

- Community building

- Active listening lessons

It's going to be a GREAT year!!!


Week of April 27 - May 1

Create Your Own Rhythm

Musical Rondo Form and Movement Lesson

Multi-Cultural Music and Movement Field Trip!

2017 Digital Field Trip
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Highlights From Last Year

Highlight from previous years

Creekside 2nd Grade - William Tell Overture parachute routine

Creekside Specialist Crew!

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About Ms. Leah Hains

This is my 3rd year at Creekside and I love being part of the Creekside family! I'm starting my 7th year in Limestone County and my 11th year teaching elementary general music.

My favorite classroom activities are singing, playing instruments, composing music, and folk dancing. Music makes us better people and builds community. I especially love experiencing music through social dance and choral singing.

I grew up in Birmingham and have lived in Madison since 2014. In addition to teaching music, I love porch gardening, cooking, hiking, camping, reading, crafts, and sewing.

Music: Our Mission

Have you noticed how, while we were stuck at home, many more people got involved in the visual and performing arts? Some people might say it's from boredom, but I believe it's because we know deep down that the arts allow us to process and express what we think, feel, and experience more than words ever can. I love how music in particular brings people together and builds community. No amount of social distancing can take away the unifying power of music!