Transition Plus

Full of gifts and talent!

Shout Out

We have some great ways of recognizing the work that we do with each other and our students .

Please remember to be placing student shout outs in the box in the front office- each classroom teacher will be getting the shout-out forms in their boxes so they can remember to SHOUT OUT the great things happening around T Plus.

If you want additional Shout Outs check in with Jewell and she can give you the forms.

Support of Ms. Mamie

Please consider supporting Ms. Mamie by donating to this Go Fund Me and posting on your social media so she can move forward during this hard time of loss.


All staff need to fill out behavior forms- on the form includes: what is the behavior and what is the response. This will help us look at patterns of behavior. It is important for us to not only see the behaviors but what has been the response and what teaching happened in that moment.

In the office you can find the paper version- For the Google Forms version use the links below- We can keep better track with the forms below -v - paper

Remember we can not remove students without the paperwork and it is important that we document all behaviors and responses so we can identify patterns of behaviors and strategies that work/don't work.

Calling All Talented T-plus Staff!!

You may be a staff member to the student body as your day job, but in the spirit of community, let's share musical, dramatic, comedic, miming (haha) talents!

JAG posted a sign-up sheet for all staff in the main office for any staff member to sign up for the December 16th Tplus Staff Talent Show! We already have 10 acxts but would love to have more; a show of epic proportions! You may sign up as a group, a duet, an individual act, etc.

Please specify what type (instrumental, singing, acting, magic show, etc), and how many will be on stage (number in your group). In order for this to be successful for our students to see us in a FUN new way, we will work together with JAG in the spirit of collaboration.

Also note when you sign up if you can team up with the students make this a success. We will form a small team to assign each a task so JAG is not overwhelmed with a last minute addition to their workload.

Thank you for sharing in the spirit of fun and community!

Due Process

FYI: You can NOT create meeting notices retroactively.

The message from M&C is that we need to work harder at creating them PRIOR TO the meetings. If you have created a meeting notice for a meeting that already occurred, you will need to put in a request to Mookie to have that document deleted. Do not email Mookie; fill out the form.

The psychologists are both very happy and willing to review evaluation plans before case managers send them out. There have been quite a few errors as of late (both big and small), which could easily be fixed with a second set of eyes looking it over.

UChicago Impact

I received this notification this week:

The following response rate information for Transition Plus Services is current as of December 02 2016.

The student response rate is 0% for the 2016-17 Minneapolis 5Essentials Student Survey. As a reminder, schools need 50.0% of their students to respond in order to receive a report. Also note a school must have a minimum of 10 responding students in order to receive a report.

The teacher response rate is 59% for the 2016-17 Minneapolis 5Essentials Teacher Survey. As a reminder, schools need 50.0% of their teachers to respond in order to receive a report. Also note a school must have a minimum of 8 responding teachers in order to receive a report.

Please note that the overall response rates reported here do not account for any provisional surveys that have been submitted. Provisional surveys are reconciled after the survey window closes, and may result in changes to the response rates. Therefore, the overall response rates shown here are only an approximation of completed surveys. Final response rates will be included in survey reports.

If you have not completed this survey please do- Also work with your students to help them complete this during advisory this week! Thank you!

CBI Second Semester

Please think of what you want to do for CBI Fridays second semester. Figure out where you want to go during the week and have those ideas in mind as you gather for a collaboration and planning meeting on Friday afternoon 11/9. Colleen doesn't think the meeting would take too long.

Meeting will be in Brad's room at 2- If you are not able to attend please be sure to see Colleen prior to the meeting.

Counselor corner

Student Surveys for Team 2 and Team 3 teachers:

- Student Surveys, an instruction sheet and an envelope, are in your mail box in the main office.

- A minimum of 10 student surveys need to be completed to collect meaningful data.

- Please take the time to proctor the surveys between today and December 14th.

- You may choose to proctor the surveys in any of your classes, it is your choice.

- After collecting 10 or more student surveys, please put the completed surveys in your assigned envelope.

- Let Robby know to pick up your completed surveys in the sealed envelope.

Chat with Robby if you have any questions on this process. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

For all Teams:

- If you require computer lab time / gym time in any of your classes for 2nd semester, please e-mail Robby directly with your request.

For all teams and staff:

- Professional Development opportunity for tomorrow, December 6th. There will be panelists that specialize in supporting middle and high school undocumented students. More information here


We are continuing to have issues with mice.

Please use designated areas for eating.

If you do happen to have food in your rooms or are eating in rooms- clean up after yourselves and place food scraps in the large trash cans in the hall.

Keep any food that may be in your room in a sealed plastic container.

Picture Re-Take

Picture retake day will be on Wednesday, December 7 from 8 am -2:30 pm in the auditorium.

Picture retake day is for students that are new, parents that are not happy with first set of pictures ordered or students that want to purchase pictures.

Forms will be placed in advisors mailbox to send home with students.

[TED] - Vernā Myers - How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them!