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Askives: A website that offers answers to every query

Askives is a new question and answer website which was created to provide user with more efficient, quick and a better means for enlightening people about particular interests. This website is a social online portal which allows people to learn the answers to queries pertinent to their everyday lives and interests. This website was created to allow people to look for information as well as to provide it. Research and data has shown a greater dependence on the internet for information rather than textbooks, particularly among the younger age group. And as there is information that is not accessible through conventional study mediums, the existence of question and answer websites has made it more convenient for learners to discover the precise reference for their problems, experiments and misperceptions.

The best thing about askives website is that it offers answers that are straight to the point. Contrary to the other websites which often allow people to post misleading and violent feedbacks or upload stupid ones to the questions, this website only deals with facts which are relevant and useful to people. Here people will not find contradicting details or fighting words raised. People will be provided to one answer for every question and it will be guaranteed by its board of experts. These teams are professionals that work in different fields across the world and are committed to the study of particular field of knowledge. They provide the information and answers for any queries and are provided with ratings that indicates how well they satisfy a user’s interest.

However in order to not shut off people’s opinion completely, askives also allow users to comment as well as say their approval or disapproval on the facts via poll system. Users can also send their own questions so that their problems can be addressed personally.

Askives has a user friendly interface and the fields are well categorized and so users will not have any difficulty in terms of control and navigation.

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