KM Family Picnic



A huge thank you to Jessie Sproles, parents and staff for organizing a sensational First Annual Family Picnic & Blue Skies Fair. Over 120 people attended and the weather stayed (almost perfectly) clear.

Thanks to your generous support, we have added $2,000 to our playground fund.

If you did not get a chance to contribute to our "Playground thermometer" it is not too late!

Special Thanks!

  • To Jessie Sproles for your wonderful vision and master plan.
  • To Fonda Coleman for finances.
  • To Andrea Badot for photography.
  • To Room Parents, PLG games organizers and supporters:

Adriana Gomez, Alexandra Judson, Amanda Cruise, Anam Ahmed, Aruba Chaudry, Barbara Norris, BethAnne Garcia, Carlos Gonzalez, Debbie Welborn, Donald Carver, Elena Hunt, Emily Keown-Dimmick, Jennie Huang, Jessica Warren, Jessie Sproles, Julie Reed, Kathryn Laughlin, Kristina Erikson, Maegan Simmons, Marcy Young, Marissa Fitzgerald, Marissa Miller, Mark Broughton, Moona Kwaja, Patricia Davenport, Rebecca Carver, Rob Davenport, Russell Ramaswamy, Salome Gonzalez, Stephan Badot, Suzie Pinciaro, Visha Gandhi.

  • To Leon Ontiberoz and partner of Big Star Karaoke you set the mood perfectly.
  • To Lorinda Pesina and partner or "Wiggles the Clown" for creating balloon animals and doing face-painting, you really added fun and color to our day. Both of these entertainments were organized by Class 206 Lead Theresa Klein.
  • To our incredible staff and teachers who stayed all day long and helped things to run perfectly: Andrea Badot, Fonda Coleman, Sarah Fehrenbacher, Theresa Klein, and Peggy Larrow.
  • To Dilia Wyatt, Mukta Khare, Stephanie Burrell and Daughter for set-up.
  • To Grace Coleman and Claire Carver of Upper Elementary who both worked hard all day!

Sadly, several of our staff are suffering from ill health and could not make the event: Becky Contreras, Catherine Ramirez-Monjaras, Trish Valdez and Gabby Valdez. We send them all our best wishes. Richelle Lawson was part of a wedding shower and sent her best regards.

Silent Auction & "Guess the # of Jelly Beans in a Jar" Winners

Thank you to our room parents who worked patiently with our children to make the beautiful silent auction artwork, and thank you to the generous families who purchased them. Items and winners were:

  1. Class 204 - "Butterfly Box" - Thank you to Jessie Sproles - Won by Ajit Pendse for $250
  2. Class 206 - "Shadow Box Garden" - Thank you to Emily Keown-Dimmick - Won by Mariana Uzcategui for $500.
  3. Class 208 - "Silk Scarf" -Thank you to Emily Keown-Dimmick - Won by Emily Keown-Dimmick for $200.
  4. Class 210 - "Sunny Flowers With Quotes" - Thank you to Suzie Pinciaro - Won by Erin Hein for $250.
  5. Class 212 - "Drops of Brilliance" - Thank you to Julie Reed - Won by Victoria Camargo for $450.
  6. Class 214 - "Yard Tower" - Thank you to Sarah Fehrenbacher - Won by Daddy Gronwaldt for $350.
  7. Guess the number of Jelly beans in a jar - Won by Nathan Griffing with a guess of 1260.
We are very proud of all of our staff, they work hard for the children every day, and they were excited to share this event with you and your family as a way of saying thank you for your faith and support. We hope to make this an annual event and look forward to next year!