Elementary School Counselors

Newsletter with Resources to Understand Coronavirus

To Help Understand Coronavirus (CoVid-19)

With every news report discussing Coronavirus, or CoVid-19, students anxiety levels will be high. They may not understand what the virus is and how they can be preventative in becoming infected or infecting others. I am attaching a few videos with helpful information.
The Yucky Bug by Julia Cook
Coronavirus Information for Kids
Circles + Scissors Handwashing in ONE+ minute!

Anxiety and Anger Management Resources

Sesame Street: Name That Emotion with Murray!

General & Online Safety

Juana Loya- Buffalo Jones

Jennifer Armstrong- Florence Wilson

Deb Travers- Edith Scheuerman and Georgia Matthews

Karen Thorton-Victor Ornelas

Betty Palomino- Gertrude Walker and Plymell

Lupita Sotelo- Jennie Wilson and Jennie Barker

Ana Castaneda Bautista- Abe Hubert

Charity Saddler- Alta Brown