The Fire Service

By Ryan Hervey

3 different job roles used in the Fire Service

3 different job roles used in the Fire Service are:

  1. Station Manager
  2. Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  3. Firefighter

Entry Requirements:

Firefighter positions are open to graduates and dplomates in all subjects. Personal qualities and physical attributes are more important than academic qualifications, though a good general education is required, and GCSE or equivalent passes in English, maths and a science subject are particularly useful.

Staition Manager:

To be a Staition Manager you need to be physically fit and hard working to pass the 20 Week training, but this 20 week of hard work is worth the once in a life time oppertunities that it brings for example: you learn how to use amazing machinery and equipment, you meet new people in the comminity and gain there trust and respects and it provides the oppertunities to travell. There are specific skills and qualities needed for this job e.g. you need to be brave, a good teamworker, willing to help anyone in your community.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer:

A Deputy Chief Fire Officer is mainly a desk job but they do go on calls, you would work with councillers and members of the comminty. You need the same skills and qualities as the Staion Manager and you would do the same training.

Fire Fighter:

to be a fire fighter you used to have to be 5ft 6 to join but now you can be of anysize. As a fire fighter you deal with lots of diffrent situations like crashes, fires, fire alrm fitting, flooding and much more. As a fire fighter you don't just fight fires you do lots of things from talking to schools about safty with fire to saving a cat from a tree