Revolutionary war battles of NJ

Trenton,Princeton,and Monmouth


Imagine you are a young soldier on the battlefield in the blistering cold weather in New Jersey. Then, you turn your head and just saw your friend got shot dead by the British. New Jersey was between New York and Pennsylvania it was a huge battleground (World Book 250). New Jersey had more battles than any other state. It wound up to be the crossroads between the two armies (Double The battles of New Jersey left its mark on history because, of the battles of Trenton, Princeton, and Monmouth.

Battle of Trenton

Thursday, Dec. 26th 1776 at 12pm

Trenton, New Jersey

  • 10 Americans dead/wounded
  • 100 British dead/wounded
  • Rebels won on a surprise attack
  • First time Washington won on a battlefield

Battle of Princeton

Friday, Jan. 3rd 1777 at 12pm

Princeton, New Jersey

  • 50 Rebels dead/wounded
  • 100 British dead/wounded
  • the British retreated so they lost control of NJ
  • The Rebels used guerrilla tactics to win

The Battle of Monmouth

Sunday, June 28th 1778 at 12pm

Monmouth, New Jersey

  • 250 Rebels dead/wounded
  • 400 British dead/wounded
  • 10,000 British soliders against a few thousand rebels
  • The British defeated the rebels

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