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Happy Monday Campus Based Leadership Teams

Our "TSLP Winter Break" is now over, and by now each of your teams has gotten back into the swing of our online support course and weekly CBLT meetings. In this week's issue, I have included some highlights and gentle reminders for your teams. Feel free to share the newsletter with your staff.

  • February 18th ~ Was the 1st day of the Standards Based Instruction Course on Project Share. The course work can be accessed in Project Share at http://www.projectsharetexas.org Teams still have access to the Leadership Module for reference. If you are experiencing any problems logging into Project Share, please let Felicia know so that she can troubleshoot.

  • Week of February 18th - February 22nd ~ All CBLT's resumed with weekly meetings. Teams are responsible for completing all online course work, creating their weekly agendas, etc. Be sure to email a copy of your weekly minutes to felicia.turner@manorisd.net. Special thanks to all campuses who have forwarded me their minutes.

  • Uploading Assignments ~ Some campuses have uploaded last week's assignments in a different location, please go back and double check to ensure that you are placing the assignments in the proper location. Instructions for uploading assignments can be found on our Edmodo page.

  • Thursday, February 21st ~ All CBLT members should have already signed their Stipend Agreement Forms. Please note that choosing not to sign the agreement form will make you ineligible for the $1000 stipend.

  • Joining EDMODO~ All CBLT members should have already joined the Manor ISD Literacy Line in Edmodo. If you haven't already done, so the access code is: aaf557. Be sure to check Edmodo regularly because it will be our main communication vehicle for literacy updates.

  • Week of February 25th - March 1st ~ Marks the 2nd week of our Standards Based Instruction Course.

  • Friday, March 8th ~ If necessary for your campus, please go ahead and make all necessary adjustments to your Leadership Binders. Feedback was provided to campuses at the Grant Implementation Team meeting.

  • Friday, March 8th ~ Please submit your revised Campus Data Informed Plan (DIP) to Felicia at felicia.turner@manorisd.net. Plans should include all MOY data, EOY goals, necessary resources, timelines, persons responsible, etc. Be sure that you have removed any "Sample Draft" marks from the DIP, added your campus name as well. Revised versions will be forwarded to our state literacy representative.

  • Every Friday by 5:00 pm ~ Sometimes we can miss the wonderful things you are doing on your campus to support literacy. If you want us to include any articles, video footage, campus pictures, teacher highlights, etc. in our TSLP newsletter, please send that information to Felicia. You can also post on Edmodo as well.

  • And the Oscar goes to....Colleen Stearns ~ Be sure to check out Colleens' Video on Edmodo about Campus Literacy Libraries.

Let me know if there is any additional support you need with the course. As always, I will see you online and in your CBLT meetings.

Engaging the World Through Digital Literacy,

Felicia Turner, 21st Century Literacy Specialist

For the Love of Literacy! MISD's Grant Implementation Meeting

Welcome to all new CBLT members...Ashley McKelvey, Ashley Fredo, Stacy Signaigo, Lauri Webb, Dominique Washington, Alicia Adame, Frances Scott, Creative World Daycare Center, & Lauren Shofner

TLS Summit Highlights

San Antonio,Texas was the home of the 2013 Texas Literacy Initiative (TLI) Leadership Summit. Representatives from Campus Based Leadership Teams from across the state of Texas rallied together in hopes of gleaning new ideas about the Texas Literacy Initiative. The two day session opened with a general session that highlighted the work of McKinsey & Co. as well as highlights from Brownsville ISD, the largest Literacy Line in Texas, San Antonio ISD, and Bartlett ISD, the smallest Literacy Line in Texas. The remaining sessions were filled with specific topics which included the following:

  • Leadership for Improvement
  • Introduction to Working on a TSLP Action Step
  • Practice Working on a TSLP Action Step
  • Applying the Process and Next Steps for your CBLT

CBLT's were also navigated through the TSLP Resource Library, Implementation Maps, the Online Course, etc. Manor ISD teams were super excited about the new developments. As they brewed over the new information, it was exciting to see how each of our teams immediately began planning various ways in which they would disseminate information to their campuses upon arrival back to Manor.

The District Literacy Team wants to thank all of its leaders for their participation in this summit. We understand that each of you made a huge sacrifice leaving your campuses. It is our hope that you enjoyed the Summit and found the content applicable to your age/grade level, as well as learned new strategies to share with your site/campus and/or district colleagues. We look forward to hearing about your turnaround trainings and to seeing you online in the Standards Based Instruction course.

Early Childhood Planning at the TLI Summit with Muya and Stacy

Manor ISD's Grant Implementation Team

Amelia Brown ~ Accounting and Bookkeeping

Email: amelia.brown@manorisd.net

Alex Carrillo ~ Elementary Literacy Specialist

Email: alex.carrillo@manoris.net

Laurie Fay ~ Grant Coordinator

Email: laurie.fay@manorisd.net

Muya Hayes ~ Early Childhood and Family Literacy Specialist muya.ogiste@manorisd.net

Colleen Stearns ~ Secondar Literacy Specialist

email: colleen.stearns@manorisd.net

Felicia Turner ~ 21st Century Literacy Specialist

Email: felicia.turner@manorisd.net