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A Week in Review

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Messer

If you have not yet scheduled a time to meet with me for a fall conference, please do so at your earliest convenience. Simply login to your Skyward Family Access account sign up for a date and time that best meets your schedule. It is also important to note that your first grader is invited to attend the conference. There is a sheet in your child's folder this evening with more specifics, along with an opportunity to share with me any topics you would like addressed during our twenty minutes together.

Due to the upcoming three day school week, there will be no newsletter sent home next week. Additionally, there will be no new spelling words..

Have a wonderful weekend!


Language Arts

This week we added informational texts to our growing list of book genres. We are just beginning to discuss the various non-fiction text features found in these books. Next week we will go on a "hunt" for non-fiction text features. We will look for the following:
  • title
  • heading
  • caption
  • map
  • diagram
  • bold or highlighted text
  • photographs
  • table of contents
  • glossary

In the writing, the students are starting to write their first personal narrative. The goal is for students to create a focused writing piece. They are very excited to share their stories in writing!


What did we work on this week?

  • Verbalized thinking strategies
  • Recognized the number of dots on dominoes (improving instant recognition)
  • Explored the relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Wrote addition and subtraction equations to match real-life math stories
  • Played two new Math Work Place games called "Domino Add & Compare" and "Sort the Sum"

Are you looking for additional math practice at home? Check these sites out:

Greg Tang Math

Bedtime Math


Students worked with three different kinds of volcanic rock: basalt, tuff and scoria. They answered the question, "How are rocks similar and different?" They also washed the rocks in water, noting the difference water made in the rock's appearance. The biggest "aha!" came when students realized the bubbles that appeared in the water resulted from air being trapped in the tiny holes of the rock!


There are no spelling words next week. What follows are the words for the following week.

Practice Test Words for Monday, October 24th:
sing, ring, king, ding, bring, fling, sling, wing, string, sting

Digital Day Schedule

10/17 Day 5: Art
10/18 Day 1: PE/Media (Book Check-Out)
10/19 Day 2: PE/Music
10/20 Day 3: No School
10/21 Day 4: No School

Upcoming Events

10/20: No School
10/21: No School
10/25: Parent-Teacher Conferences
10/27: Parent-Teacher Conferences and Picture Re-Takes
10/28: Fun Run Fundraiser
11/1: Parent Teacher Conferences

Box Tops for Education

Our school earns 10ยข for each box top collected so please make sure you check packaging before you recycle them. Box tops can be found on hundreds of products like Ziploc, Annie's, General Mills cereal, Hefty, Fiber One, Kleenex, etc. Check out the full list of participating products. Simply cut the box top off and send them to school with your child to turn into our box top collector in the classroom.

Don't Forget Gym Shoes!

Our class has physical education three times a week. Please be sure your child has gym shoes, as he or she will not be able to safely participate in the days activity without them.

Snack Time!

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and water bottle (sport tops, only) to school each day. Please be sure that all snack items are ready to be eaten and do not need to washed, peeled, etc. Also, don't forget to send a spoon for those foods needing one.

Peanut and Tree-Nut Sensitive Classroom

Please do not send peanuts or tree nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) to school with your child. This includes snacks containing these products. There are many healthy-nut free alternatives from which to choose. Thank you for keeping our students safe!

Important Links

The "Nuts and Bolts" of First Grade

The following video features important information regarding the procedures, curriculum and homework requirements of first grade. This resource is designed to only give an overview, as additional details will be sent home throughout the school year.

Math Support

The following link provides information and materials for families using Bridges math curriculum. I will be sending home information regarding the program with your child, but use this as an additional resource.


You do not need to sign up on Twitter in order to keep updated on classroom events. Simply click on the link below to get a peak at your child's learning!

Raz Kids

Online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, downloadable books and reading quizzes.