Fourth Grade Parkside Elementary

October 13th - 20th, 2016


This Week.....

This week we began to reteach in our mastery cycle. Your child participated in reteach groups of any standards that they did not master on their test. We will continue these reteach groups into next week.

  • · Begin our multiplication unit

o Your child will be taught various strategies to multiply 3 digit by 1 digit numbers

Example: To illustrate 154 x 6 students use base 10 blocks or use drawings to show 154 six times. Seeing 154 six times will lead them to understand the distributive property, 154 x 6 = (100 + 50 + 4) x 6 = (100 x 6) + (50 X 6) + (4 X 6) = 600 + 300 + 24 = 924.

Helpful video link:


In this lesson you will learn how to solve multiplication problems by using the distributive property.

Next Week.....

Make sure your student is practicing their multiplication facts. Knowing their facts will make solving multiplication problems much easier!


4th Grade Literacy -Nonfiction Text

This week...

  • reviewing Cycle 1 Assessment and making test corrections
  • continuing with vocabulary/Word Work (students only have homework if they don't finish their classwork)
  • students are continuing to work in teacher led and independent groups
  • Word Sort Assessment on Friday
Next Week...
  • Introducing Nonfiction Text Features
  • continuing to practice answering a question using the RACE writing strategy
  • New Word Sort


Students will be finishing up with our unit on Matter and then moving on to Energy/Light (Heat, Conduction, Convection and Radiation) then on to Force and Motion (Electricity and Magnets).

Students will use flashlights, make electrical circuits and Noodle racers to show the force and motion of magnets.

Field Trip!!

4th Grade Field Trip Information

  • Information Sheets and Permission Slips due ASAP
  • Date October 21, 2016 (Trip was changed from October 14th to October 21st because of the Fun Run)
  • Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns $85 per child
  • Chaperones needed- $85


Oct 14

Fun Run

Oct 14

School Store Open

Oct 17 - 21

Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Oct 17

Box Tops Due

Oct 20

Kindergarten Field Trip to Lewis Farms

Oct 21

4th Grade Field Trip to Grandfather Mountain

Oct 21

5th Grade Field Trip to Greensboro Science Center

Oct 22

Fall Festival @ Parkside

Fall Festival Oct. 22 from 11am-3pm

Book Fair Oct. 24-28 and Family Book Fair Night Wed., Oct. 26 from 5-7pm (Free Pizza Dinner)