Author: Veronica Roth blog by Nabeela Ariqat

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Veronica Roth the author is only 24 years old she wrote divergent, while she was on winter break in her senior year at Northwestern University. Divergent is 1 of the books in the trilogy Divergent. There is a movie coming out in march 2014 on the first book of the trilogy.


Divergent takes place in Chicago in the future, the city is divided into 5 factions: Abnegation= the selfless, Amity= the peaceful, Candor= the honest, Dauntless= the brave, and Erudite= the intelligent, and when your 16 you get to take an aptitude test which determines which one your most fit for but until your 16 you stay in the faction you were born in. This all started with the main character Beatrice Prior she was born in Abnegation with her brother Caleb Prior, her mother Natalie Prior and her father Andrew Prior. It was the day of the aptitude test which determines which faction shes most fit for. The test usually tells you only one faction but for Beatrice she gets 3 that means shes divergent. But when time comes to choose she chooses Dauntless instead of the one she was born in to. when she gets to the Dauntless headquarters she changes her name to trice and meets the other main character four her instructor.
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My opinion and language

I liked this novel a lot because it had a little bit of romance and a lot of action and that's my favorite mix. My favorite part of this book is when trice proves to everyone that she is not a little girl and that she is brave and she does exactly that. If i could change something about this book i wouldn't change anything because this book is just perfect. The thing i loved most about this book was the characters because they were brave and independent and did what they wanted to. I recommend to read this book if you like action because this book sure has a lot of it. If i had to choose adjectives to describe this book i would choose magnificent, brilliant, fascinating, memorable, dangerous, and tragic. This book uses a mixture of technical and complex language but it mostly uses everyday language. Two examples of figurative language in divergent are "tough as cotton balls" page 411 and "Each minute wears in to me like a scape of sandpaper" page 229
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