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Spring 2016

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Now is the Perfect Time for STEM! Strategies to End the Year with Fun

This webinar recording will help you learn strategies for keeping students engaged and learning math during the final weeks of school.

To understand math, students must know how to apply what they know to solve real world problems. Engineering design challenges as integrated STEM experiences are a perfect opportunity for engaging, hands-on instruction which keeps students learning while they have fun. In this webinar, Dr. Sara Delano Moore shared strategies for integrating STEM into your math classroom through engineering design. These same strategies can also be engaging activities to start the new year in the fall. Learn more about engineering design as an authentic and fun way to learn STEM.

Bailey School Forest Reservation Calendar

Please send an email to Jamie Holtz if you are interested in going to Bailey School Forest.

MN School Forest: How's the Water?

With Minnesota’s many lakes, rivers, and streams, water quality affects all of us. Consider connecting students to your local water resource such as a stream, wetland, lake, or your local watershed. Students can learn about runoff, plant filtration, water quality testing, erosion, macroinvertebrates, or stream flow. Your work with students will help the next generation understand and care for our water. Plus, who doesn’t want to spend some quality learning time near the water on a beautiful day? Below are some lessons to get you started.

What Lives in the Creek? grades Pre K-1 science, from Misi Stine, St. David’s School Forest. Students explore a creek or wetland to find macroinvertebrates and talk about clean water.

Plants Role in Water Filtration, grades 4-7 science. Using potted plants, students investigate how plants filter different materials in water.

Aquatic Times, grades 5-8 ELA and science. By creating a newspaper, students research, learn, and write about aquatic habitats and the organisms that reside there.

from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources info.dnr@state.mn.us

Bethel University offers STEM Certificate for Teachers

Bethel University Bethel University has designed a 10-credit STEM Certificate program for elementary teachers. The program will develop skills in teaching STEM and help you prepare young students for future STEM learning. Learn to engage your classroom through creative hands-on learning activities and become a teacher-leader in STEM education. Learn more information here.

THANK YOU Elementary Science Teacher Leaders!

AES Stephanie Larson (grade 5)

BES Sarah Sorenson (grade 3)

CGE Cathy O'Brien (grade 3)

CVE Reid Tschumperlin (grade 5)

GCE Christine Bromen (grade 4)

HES Ann Ross/Diane Bezdicek (intervention)

LRE Lee McNiesh (grade 3)

MES Ginger Garry (grade 2)

NES Kathy Lamoureaux (grade 5)

NFSI Amanda Nilles (grade 2)

PHE Sue Elchert (grade 4)

PES Mandy Mach (science specialist)

RRE Kelly Wetschka (grade 1)

ROE Maribeth Swalve (grade 3)

WES Alana Hansen (grade 5)