ice making machine

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how the ice machine was invented

Lowe was hired by President Lincoln to found the army’s air reconnaissance. After the war, he experimented with the cooling properties of compressed gases and developed a Carbon Dioxide cooled commercial ice-making machine, for which he was granted British Patent No. 952. His commercially produced ice was first sold in Dallas, TX in 1866.

Professor Thaddeus Sobieski Constantine Lowe.

Thaddeus Sobieski Constantine Lowe was born in Jefferson, New Hampshire. He left an apprenticeship at age 11 looking for freedom to study. After years as a “Professor” demonstrating scientific phenomena in a traveling show, Thaddeus Lowe became a pioneer in the field of aeronautics, with the goal of building a trans Atlantic airship.

the invention that changed the history of refrigerators.

At that time you no longer had to make ice the old and long way. And today the refrigerators have their own built in ice machine that makes plenty amount of ice to be available whenever it's needed. This invention also helped the inventions of drinks like icees, slushies, and even Starbucks frappuccinos along with other things people enjoy.
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how it works

  1. A gas is forced through a series of small coils, then the pressure heats it up.

  2. When the gas reaches the temperature needed, then it is released into larger tubes, which cool the gas and creates a liquid.

  3. When the water has reached a certain point, the water starts to freeze.

  4. After a certain point in the evaporator, the process stops and the harvesting cycle begins. . .

  5. they loosen into the dispenser of the desired shape of the ice.

How does block ice machine work