Religious Persecution

Country: Saudi Arabia

B: They are leaving this country because majority of the country are Muslims so they believe that any other religion shouldn't be worshipped. If they are caught having a private prayer meeting they will get arrested.

C: They are migrating to UK, Europe and the USA.

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Ethnic Persecution

Country: Afghanistan

B: They were treated differently and didn't have right that people had who were the same believer as the most of the country were. They were treated based on their belief and their look. Which is unfair.

C: They try to escape to North or South Americas or their neighboring country who are welcoming them.

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Environment Factors

Country: Russia

B: They migrate to different countries because there is pollution, deforestation and inefficient energy use. All these have cause people to move because of the lack of water and healthy food. There are disease spreading because of this.

C: They normally move to Mexico or the USA.

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Economic Factors

Country: Belgium

B: They migrate because they have extreme poverty and some may get some job opportunity in different countries. They have less job opportunity there

C: They migrate to London and Anywhere in the USA.

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