January 25, 2016

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework

--Lily Tomlin

Important assessment information

From Jill Palmer:

Assessment Corner

· MAP Grade Level Assessment window: April 11-May 27

· All known information is posted on our district assessment webpage located here:


· Online Testing Tools for student access must use the Chrome web browser and are located here:


· An instructional video on how to use the Online Testing Tools are located here:


· Students once again will need headsets for the assessment. How many headsets will you need?

§ Please fill the Google Doc with your site information and the number of headsets you are requesting by Friday, January 29th.

The Carnegie Unit

As we continue to make learning more personalized for our students, the question arises about the obsolescence of the Carnegie Unit. If students are to learn at their own pace, what does seat time matter? It seems simple to me that mastery should determine academic advancement, but The Carnegie Unit, A Century Old Standard in a Changing Education Landscape made me realize it is not as black and white as I thought.

Nuts and bolts issues, such as how to assess teaching loads and how to assign credit to transfer students, are more manageable when we assign units of time to learning. You can access the entire report here.

Regardless of your stance on the effectiveness of the Carnegie Unit, it is clear that flexibility is vital. Based on review of state policies, the study found the following:

  • One state (NH) awards credit based solely on mastery of content and skills;
  • 29 states use seat time OR other competency/proficiency measures to award credit;
  • Four states allow districts to apply for waivers when waiving seat time;
  • 11 states use time-based credits;
  • Six states allow flexibility, but limit this to special circumstances, such as credit recovery.

Caveat: This is likely outdated as I write:)


Rethinking space in the classroom

**Last week's BOE meeting has been rescheduled for Jan, 26, 5:30 p.m., KAC.