Time For The Movies!

By: Lauren M. Period 2

Of all the actresses in the world, I choose Shailene Diann Woodley. Shailene is a great role model to girls everywhere. She is a pretty, self-confident, young actress.

Most of Shailene's life she has been acting. From being a commercial model at age 4, till her latest movie The Fault In Our Stars at age 22. Unfortunately, she almost quit acting but no one knows why. Twice, Shailene has suddenly disappeared only to reappear 2 months later. During this 2 month period she hides in her home and doesn't connect with the outside world.

"Every family is dysfunctional whether you want to admit is or not." Shailene once said. She was speaking personally about her family which consists of her mom, dad, and brother, Tanner. Tanner is younger than her by 14 years.

At a height pf 5'8" she jumps from trains, climbs buildings, and fights her enemies easily in her movie series, Divergent. Insurgent, the second movie in the series, will be released in 2015. But those are only 2 of the 13 movies she has starred in. She has also been in 13 different TV series. Shailene is known for her roles in: Divergent, TFIOS, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and The Spectacular Now.

In her life, Shailene has helped with various organizations. These include All It Takes and Children With Hair Loss. All It Takes was founded by her and her mom, Lori. It encourages and supports kids dreams. Where as she donated a large chunk of her hair to Children With Hair Loss to make wigs for cancer patients.

I believe Shailene is a great person. For 19 years, she has been acting. Most of us have heard about her movies and shows. She is loved by many and is thankful for her life.


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