Collaboration Through The Centuries

How social media has changed our world

What has "social media" looked like over the centuries?

Today we use social media on a daily basis - Facebook, Twitter, blogs and vlogs are an everyday part of information sharing. Over the course of this semester, our students will be researching major figures throughout history and considering what their world would have looked like if they had access to the social media technology of today.

You are invited to our Learning Fair!

At the end of the semester, we will have a cumulative, collaborative Learning Fair for our students to present their findings in a fun and relaxed environment (think science fair but for all disciplines). This event supports STEM efforts at our school by involving all different aspects (science, technology, engineering, and math). There will be food, music, costumes, and presentations from the past 5 centuries!

Learning from each department:

English/Language Arts

Students will pick a century (16th - 20th), and research the "social media" of the day (newspapers, books, news, radio, etc.). They will pick an important author, poet, or philosopher from that century and create a social media account for that person. Then they will compare the social media of today with that of their chosen century. How has the exchange of information transformed over the years?

Music and Chorus

Our local high school band and student chorus will be performing musical selections from across the centuries, from Olde English minstrel songs to big band hits of the 1940s.

Come on out!

This Learning Fair will provide a new way for our students to look at learning. By combining the different disciplines into one all-encompasing project, our students will become more involved in their education. This new amount of rigor (high expectations combined with extra support and meaningful assessments) will ensure that the students create thoughtful and meaningful products.

The STEM movement is gaining momentum in our educational system. President Obama has promised to continue investing in STEM education, both for teachers and training. This means that projects like our Learning Fair will better prepare our students for promising careers. We want to ensure that students have access to these ideas no matter their cultural or socioeconomic background. There is no reason why African American and female students should be underrepresented in fields that are showing so much promise to others.

So come out and have fun with us at our Learning Fair! See you soon!