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Friday, January 15, 2015


We began our unit on Energy yesterday--and today students participated in their first hands-on "lab". They rotated stations and explored energy sources, and how this energy was converted into different energy: sound, light, heat. Students may have been asking at home how your home is heated. They first day I asked this, we had some interesting answers: "these little vents", "a long tube that goes into our house", my personal favorite, "the air-conpditioner". As we learn more, our awareness of energy all around us is growing. I can't promise they will conserve enenrgy on the homefront, but they are learning a lot about different sources.

Seylar Newscast

The above link will take you to Seylar's Friday News, which has been produced and presented by the Seylar Technology Club, overseen by Mr. Erhmann. The students really enjoy this special newscast onFridays, and are looking forward to having the chance to be a part of this club when they are in 5th grade.
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Congratulations Natalie!

Natalie Nace was selected as this marking period's artist in grade 3. Her artwork is currently on display in the Seylar Gallery.

Persuasive Writing

Students have been learning about opinions, and fact-finding during an on-going study of persuasive writing. They are learning how their beiliefs are more convincing when they can back it with facts. This has been fun to learn using Kid's Blog--and their varying viewpoints on hunting in other countries.

Today, we wrote a class letter to Mr. Roe about the benefits of reinstating our 15 minute second recess. They found some very convincing facts on kids and excercise. Casey and Gavin D. hand-deivered the letter to Mr Roe. Although it was very persuasive, I will have to break the news to them on Tuesday he does not hold the athority with this decision-making topic. Will they write to anyone else? This remains to be seen. I will warn you parents, our letter writing is not over yet. :)

Upcoming events:

  • Monday, 1/18-NO SCHOOl-Dr. Martin Luther King Day
  • Skills check Friday, January 22nd, Hottest, Coldest,...
  • "Raise The Bar" PAWs assembly, Friday, January 22nd; invitations were sent to red paw recipients' parents/guardians
  • Friday, January 22nd also marks the end of the second marking period

(Notifications for select conferences will be forthcoming.)

  • No school for students, Monday, January 25th; Teacher In-service