This Week in Art History

September 14 to 20

The Greeks

We have two class meetings this week (Tuesday and Friday). This week is entirely devoted to the study of Ancient Greek Art. The focus of this unit is architecture and sculpture. Please keep up with lectures and make some time to watch related films that are posted on Haiku,

The Greek classical society as we know it today came into existence in about 900 BCE. "Greece" back then was a series of city-states that were constantly at war among themselves, and although Greek civilization was absorbed into the unstoppable Roman Empire in 146 BCE, Greek philosophy and ideal classical proportions remained resonant and recurring in art until the 20th century.

Important Due Dates

  • Unit 3 and 4 Image IDs (know title of image and period) (9/19)
  • Unit 4 Cue Cards, Friday (9/19)
  • Unit 4 Short Answer Quiz, Friday (9/19)
  • Unit 4 Online Quiz, Tuesday (9/22)

This Week's Agenda

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Move Mountain

Move Mountain