The Americas

Mayan, Aztecs, and Inca Empires

Differences between the Empires

Mayans- The Mayans farmed corn, beans, and squash mainly. They believed in many gods and they believe that King's blood is sacred. They excelled in their calendars, and they had well organized city states, each one being run by a king. They were located in Central America.

Incans- The Incans farmed corn, cotton, and potatoes on raised platforms of land. They believed in many gods, and they did offer some human sacrifice at times. They had one main King at the heart of the empire. They used war for conquest. They excelled in irrigation, terraces, monumental architechture, and roads. They were located in Cuzco.

Aztecs- The Aztecs farmed corn, beans, tomatoes, and squash. They also believed in many gods but the sun god was the most important. They also had some human sacrifice. They excellled in farming, their calendars, and architecture. They had different classes of people with warriors having a high social status. They had a very powerful centralized King. They were located in Tenochitlan.