Wildcat Weekly

August 31, 2015-September 4, 2015

McNair Junior High School Vision Statement

Our vision for Ronald E. McNair Junior High is for every student to be high school ready with a college and career mindset by purposefully encouraging individual strengths, goals, accountability, exposure and participation in the global community. Each student will develop a desire to be his or her best self by purposefully aiming for academic and social readiness that produces global competitiveness.

Week At A Glance

Monday- Football Game- 6:00 at Milton Frank
Tuesday- Parent Pow-Wow 4:00-5:30
Wednesday- Learning Lab- Cornell Notes Part 2
Thursday- PLC
Friday- Make sure all of your grades are up to date- we will print progress reports on Tuesday morning!
Monday- Labor Day Holiday

Important Information

  1. USA Test Prep- We are working on updating student passwords!
  2. Dr. Riddile will be here from September 16th-18th
  3. Dr. Beaman will be here from October 26th-30th
  4. Password Reset Reminder- You will have to reset your computer password tomorrow! You may want to make sure you give yourself an extra few minutes for this in the morning!

Parent Pow Wow's

- Please use this time to communicate areas of growth and concern with parents! We will
provide you with conference note pages to share with parents. The best way to use these
is to give one to the parent, one to the student and keep one for yourself.
Everyone shares the accountability!
- Provide your planning period and email to parents
- This is an excellent opportunity to get up to date phone numbers!
- Check out the attached link about building relationships with parents!


- Letters are going home today!
- Students will bring their signed letters back to school this week- please send them to Ms. Green if they turn them in to you!
- Remember- Your data is yours! Please make plans to provide ENCORE time for your students!

Important Information Going Home TODAY!!

- Students will be receiving 3 Letters Today that need to go home:
1. Parent's Right To Know (This does not need to come back to school)
2. Title I School-Parent Compact (This needs to be signed by the parent, the student and
returned to the school)
3. ENCORE Sign Up Forms (This needs to be returned to the 1st Block teachers)

****Please Make Sure Students Are Placing The Items In Their Digital Companion!*****

DEEPER Instruction

1. Please make sure that you are posting your Do Now in your room, even if students are responding on Edmodo!

2. Remember that the questions in your Do Now should be from all 3 levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge. We will continue to revisit this!