Acetone Facts

The Toxins in Your Household

Properties of the Solvent

The solvent Acetone can often be found in cleaners right in your household. Acetone is a colourless liquid with a prominent smell. It is also an extremely flammable liquid that is toxic in high doses.

Health and Environmental Impacts

Health Impacts

Exposure to acetone can damage kidneys, cause difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, comas, and in extreme cases- death.


  • damage to the tissues in the mouth and can lead to unconsciousness


  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat

  • Headaches/dizziness/nausea/unconsciousness

  • Women may experience menstrual irregularity

Skin contact:

  • Skin contact with acetone can irritate or damage your skin

Environmental Impacts
  • 97% of the acetone released during its manufacture or use goes into the air (because it is so volatile)

  • It moves from the atmosphere into the water and soil and can move into groundwater

  • When exposed to aquatic life, acetone's slight toxicity can make an impact
  • Acetone has caused membrane damage, a decrease in size and decrease in germination of many plants

How Can You Reduce Your Exposure?

Be safe and aware of the dangers in your household