Pre-Register Your Child for Class!

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Why Pre-Register??

Your students time and safety are very valuable to us. In order for our classes to run as smooth as possible, we ask that you log-in before class at register in advance. This helps out in so many ways!

1) Safety: We know your student is coming. If you're pre-registered for class, we'll be on the lookout for them. If you ever drop off your student and we've already taken the group back, we can make sure to leave someone at the front so they'll have an adult to walk them back.

2) Keep track of your account: As you register for classes, you're updated of your monthly classes remaining. This helps keep track of what's left in your class pack, and when it's time to order more. Any account issues can be handled before you arrive so we have more time to move!

3) Know when class is/isn't scheduled:
Whether it's the weather, a holiday, or an unexpected event, sometimes classes get cancelled. The Urban Movement team is constantly updating our schedule, so if something comes up, you'll know as soon as we do!

4) Save your spot:
Did you know our youth class has an attendance cap? In order to make sure your child has the best UMove experience, we try to keep a set Student to Coach ratio. Many of our youth classes hit the cap, and if your child shows up un-registered, they may not be able to participate that day!

How to Pre-Register:

Once you have a MindBody account, all you have to do is log-in, check our schedule, and select the class you want to sign your student up for. This can be done the day of, the night before, or even a week in advance!

A few clicks on your end, lets us respect the time of all our students when we're at the studio.

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