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April 2021 Edition

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The Weather Report by Ayushi

In Portland we had a very warm April and May won’t be any different. May is an amazing month to play outside because of the warm weather. You can go to parks, play outside with your friends, and so much more. Flowers will be there too because April showers bring May flowers!
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Cool Places to Visit in Oregon by Rewa

Hey Dragons! I’m Rewa and I’ll be telling you all about cool places to visit in Oregon! I know this year we haven’t been able to travel much, since we’re at home. But there are still some cool places in Oregon you can visit while staying at home! Get ready for some cool places to visit in Oregon!

  1. Salt and straw ice cream parlor - this sweet and wacky ice cream shop has fun flavors with a delicious twist!

  2. Voodoo donuts- this is the ideal donut shop and you simply haven’t become an Oregonian until you tried their donuts!

  3. Cherry blossoms in downtown - these beautiful cherry blossom trees are by the downtown waterfront and are a must do. However these trees are seasonal so the best time to go would be around late March to early April.

  4. Crater Lake - Crater lake is a common tourist spot but it’s perfect for when you have a free weekend to spend!

  5. Pittock Mansion - See how the Pittock family lived and you get to see a real mansion!

  6. Cannon Beach - this rocky beach gives you sand, surf, and sun! (it’s actually sandy though)

  7. Portland Japanese Garden - this garden is so beautiful and you can even see/learn Japanese culture!

  8. Mount Hood - A wonderland made for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding! With TONS of snow!

  9. Multnomah Falls - Hike some trails to see some wonderful waterfalls! You really want to see these, they’re gorgeous.

  10. Oaks Park- Everyone loves a good amusement park and Oaks Park is perfect, and it’s not too far away!

Well I hope you’ll go and try to visit these places! Trust me you wanna see them. Thanks for reading Dragons!

How to Draw by Anaika

Anika How To Draw

How to Make an Origami Butterfly by Sanjana

How to make an Origami Butterfly by Sanjana

How to Make A Collage by Avery

How to Make A Collage by Avery

Fun Things To Do When You're Bored by Samhita

I know some days we all get really bored. So I thought I could give you some fun ideas when you are bored and want to do something fun!

  • Play a card game

  • Play a board game

  • Watch a movie

  • Dance

  • Do some karaoke

  • Try experimenting with some magic tricks

  • Learn something new

  • Paint on rocks

  • Write

  • Read

  • Make a memory book

  • Go on a walk

  • Plant some seeds or tend to your plants (If the weather is nice)

  • Go on a bike ride

  • Organize something

  • Try a science experiment

  • Try some crossword puzzles

  • Try a challenging yourself with a tough word search

  • Learn a tongue twister

  • Ride your bike

This should break your boredom for sometime!

Poetry by Yuktha


Pink is the color of the sunset

Pink is the smell of fresh strawberries

Pink is the color of my cast when I broke my arm

Pink is the taste of raspberries

Pink is the time when I painted my nails pink

Pink is the sound of pink birds chirping

Pink is the time when I used pink paint to paint

Pink is the time when I got a new pink shirt

Pink is the time when I mixed white and red.

Star Wars Origami by Manu

Star Wars Origami by Manu

Thanks for reading! See you next month for our final edition of the Findley Kids Newspaper.

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