Yummy Gummy Cups By: Mandy Ly

Edible candy cups that are made out of gummy

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Gummy cups

Edible gummy cups are just what is sounds like it is a cup that is made entirely out of gummy. You can put anything in there such as ice cream, candy, chips, really anything the possibilities are endless. Since it is in the shape of a cylinder you can even drink out of it. The yummy gummy cup is only $1.50!
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1st item of business

Volume- the amount of space that a substance occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great.

2nd item of business

The area of a circle is A=πr2.

3rd item of business

The volume of a cylinder is V=πr2h.

The volume of a sphere is V=4/3πr3.

The volume of a cone is V= 1/3πr2h.

a. If the volume of a cone is the same dimensions as a cylinder then it would take three cones to fill a cylinder.

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As you can see three cones would fit into one cylinder.

4th item of business

The volume of a sphere is 4/3πr3, and the volume of a circumscribed cylinder is 2πr3. The surface area of a sphere is 4πr2, and the surface area of a circumscribing cylinder is 6πr2. Any sphere has both two- thirds the volume and two-thirds surface area of its circumscribing cylinder.

5th item of business

Mary needs to know how much ice cream can go into her ice cream cone the radius is 1.75 inches and the height is 8.4 inches. The volume is 26.9 in3. Dexter needs to know how much water can go into a cylindrical glass the radius is 3 inches and the height is 5 inches, how many inches of water can go into the cup? 141.4 in3 of water can fill the cup. Taylor wants to know, what is the volume of her ball and the radius is 7.2 cm. The volume of her ball is 1,563.5 cm3.