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Classroom Management

Ensure your classroom stays a happy and organized learning environment with some help from these videos.

  1. Diffusing Entitle or Helicopter Parents: Dealing with parents can be one of the biggest challenges of being a teacher. This video offers some advice on managing even the toughest parents.
  2. Assertiveness Scenarios: Don’t let coworkers and students walk all over you. This video showcases several scenarios and how to act more assertive.
  3. Education Techniques for Children With Autism: Working with children who have disabilities can be challenging, but this video gives some useful pointers to make it a little easier.
  4. Maintaining Discipline: Watch this video for advice on keeping your classroom under control.
  5. Classroom Management Ideas for At-Risk Students: Those dealing with students that are at a high risk can find out ways they can better work with them in this video.
  6. Tips and Tricks for Classroom Management: Get some basic tips and tricks on keeping your classroom running smoothly in this video.
  7. Positive Learning Places: Here you’ll get advice on several aspects of classroom management and how you can create an environment conducive to learning.
  8. Teacher Training: This video gives teachers some ideas on how to better engage their students and improve their learning environment.
  9. Creating Respectful Classrooms: This video can help give your students the tools they need to be respectful, responsible citizens in your classroom.
  10. How to Maintain Classroom Discipline: Good and Bad Methods: Learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to classroom discipline through the instruction of this video.
  11. Positive Discipline in the Classroom: Here you’ll learn how to use positive reinforcement to discipline students in your classes.

How-Tos and Guides

These helpful guides and instructional videos can give you assistance with a variety of classroom issues.

  1. Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Learn to modify the behavior of elementary age children with advice from this video.