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Please....RSVP below if you have plans to register to attend conference.

Please email me if you have some questions and may be interested but want to learn more......before registering.

I will be in contact with all those that plan to attend and I will add you to our team FB page conference bound page!!!:)


Tuesday, July 22nd, 12pm

Columbus, OH, United States

Columbus, OH

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Thursday, July 10th, 12am

Denver, CO, United States

Denver, CO

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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I will be attending the Columbus conference and look forward to another year of learning, sharing and celebrating with all of you!!!:)


Basic Information

Which Conference do I attend?

Refer to the color-coded map on to see which Conference you will attend. Anyone with an APO/FPO AP, American Samoa, or Guam address should attend the Denver Conference. Anyone with an APO/FPO AE, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands address should attend the Columbus Conference. Note: Due to deployment challenges and the constant movement of military families, we will support you on attending the Conference location that is best suited for you, simply call Consultant Support upon registration and we will help you! Back to top

When and where will Conference be held?

Conference in Columbus, Ohio, will be held July 23-25 at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Back to top

When can I register?

  • March 3 - National Executive Directors & Senior Executive Directors
  • March 4 - Directors & above
  • March 5 - Open to all active Consultants
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Will there be any differences between the Conference in Denver and the one in Columbus?

The only differences will be the location and the dates. Other than that, Conference attendees at each location will have the same amazing experience. Regardless of which Conference you're attending, you'll enjoy the same opportunities for celebration, learning and recognition, and you'll receive the same great amenities! Back to top

Will there be a Home Office Tour as part of the Columbus Conference?

No, there will not be tours of our Home Office during the Columbus Conference and we will not be offering tours of the Home Office outside of the Conference agenda at this time. Back to top

What is the schedule for Conference?

Here's a glance of what you'll have to look forward to, with more details to follow soon:

Day 1 – Get Started (Tuesday, July 22)

  • Registration and Consultant Support remain open

Day 2 – Directors' Day & Super Day (Wednesday, July 23)

  • Registration and Consultant Support remain open
  • Directors' Day – Directors and above are invited to learning sessions late morning
  • Super Day – Super Day begins in the late afternoon

Day 3 – (Thursday, July 24)

  • Registration and Consultant Support remain open
  • Your day will be filled with excitement – from the amazing General Session to the fabulous new products in the Conference Store!
  • Your afternoon and evening will be shared either with your Leadership Team at your recognition dinner or attending invaluable learning sessions to help you grow your business to the next level.

Day 4 – (Friday, July 25)

  • Registration and Consultant Support remain open
  • General Session concludes, then it’s time to switch it up! You’ll spend your afternoon and evening experiencing the activity you’ve not yet attended … either with your Leadership Team in your recognition dinner or in amazing learning sessions.
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How do I sign up for learning classes?

You will schedule all learning classes on the Conference registration site. These will be available the day registration opens! Back to top

What should I bring to Conference

  • Personal contact information to share with other Consultants (business cards, return address labels, stamps, etc.).
  • A sweater - meeting rooms tend to get cool.
  • Be sure you have extra room in your suitcase for taking home the goodies you'll receive!
  • Your camera for capturing special Thirty-One memories.
  • Comfortable walking shoes - you'll be doing a good deal of walking
  • A bag to carry your notes, sweater or anything else you want to bring with you during the day.
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Conference Bucks

Click here for all the details about how Thirty-One will help pay your way to attend Conference!

Fees and Payment Options

How much will Conference cost?

  • The cost to attend Conference is $250
  • All attendees will pay a $50 non-refundable registration fee when they first register - this amount is included in your $250.
  • This year guest options and Super Day (optional learning) will be available for an added cost.
  • Earn Conference Bucks and we'll help pay your Conference fees!
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What are the payment options for Conference?

  • When you register online, you’ll be required to pay a $50 non-refundable registration fee. This payment can be made with any major credit card.
  • You’ll have the option to make multiple additional payments of at least $50 toward your balance due. You can make these payments multiple times up until Saturday, May 31, when the balance of Conference registration is due in full.
  • You must pay off your entire balance by Saturday, May 31, or your registration will be canceled and you’ll need to re-register on-site if you plan to attend. There will be an additional $50 late fee added to your Conference cost at that time, making your total cost $300.
  • If you register on or after May 1, all Conference fees will be due upon completion of your registration.
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What is included with my $250 Conference fee?

  • Admission to all Conference functions (excluding Super Day).
  • Shuttle service from Thirty-One contracted Conference hotels to facilities used for Conference.
  • Conference T-shirt, fabric lanyard and pen.
  • All Conference amenities and handout amenities.
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How will I know if all my fees have been paid by me or paid with Conference Bucks?

  • Around May 15, we’ll email all Consultants with any balance due on your registration. At that time, you’ll be instructed to pay the remaining balance before Saturday, May 31, at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • If you’ve earned enough Conference Bucks and/or your registration is paid in full, you’ll receive a PAID CONFIRMATION email that includes your confirmation number.
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What are the optional add-on fees for Consultants beyond my $250?

  • Super Day ($50)
  • Guest Registration of $25 (Award Night Only Pass)
  • Guest Registration of $100 (General Sessions and Awards Night).
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Can I bring a guest to Conference? What will it cost, and what are my options?

Yes, you can bring a guest, as long as the guest is NOT a Thirty-One Consultant. This year you can select one of two Guest Pass choices listed below. All items are “a la carte.”

Option 1: Guest Awards Night Only Pass

  • Cost is $25
  • Includes access to Awards Dinner and Celebration held on your team’s designated night
  • Name badge with lanyard

Option 2: Guest General Session & Award Night Pass

  • Cost is $100
  • Includes access to all General Sessions, Awards Dinner and Celebration
  • A special guest Conference T-shirt and name badge with lanyard

Please note: The Guest General Session pass does not include Conference Store shopping, access to Directors’ Day, Super Day or access to Consultant learning classes or amenities. Back to top


How will I reserve my hotel room for Conference?

As part of your Conference registration, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one hotel room for your stay. PLEASE gather your friends and decide who will make the room reservation for your group!

You can add, modify or cancel your room reservations up to May 15. If you cancel after that time, you’ll be charged a one night’s room rate plus tax.

Each Conference attendee can book one hotel room in her name. If you have more than two people in one hotel room, it’s possible that your hotel will charge you an extra guest fee. Each hotel is different, and you’ll need to check with your preferred hotel about their guest policy.

Please note, if you call the hotels directly prior to June 10, you’ll be unable to make or verify your reservation. Back to top

What are the Conference hotels? Where are they, and why should I book my room there?

Your hotel selection will be available on your event registration when it goes live in early March. We’ve contracted with various hotels in the area, which guarantees the best rate for you at a particular hotel for Conference. By staying at a Thirty-One Conference hotel, you’ll receive free bus transportation (if needed) to and from your hotel to the facilities used for Conference. You must book your room through the Conference registration site. Back to top


What meals are included with my $250 registration fee, and what should I do for meals that aren’t covered?

Some meals will be included with your registration. Check back for more information on meals once the agenda is finalized. For those meals on your own, each Conference hotel offers full-service food options. There are many great restaurants and food options within walking distance of the Conference sites. Back to top

On-Site Information

Will there be a Conference Store?

Yes, we’re thrilled to offer the Conference Store for your shopping enjoyment. Get ready to shop for unique accessories, business supplies and the best Thirty-One branded apparel ever! Shopping times and locations will be announced at a later date.

Please note that this year Conference Bucks cannot be used in the Conference Store. We will accept credit cards only. Back to top

Will Consultant Support representatives be available during Conference?

Yes, there will be Consultant Support areas set up in the Convention Centers for your convenience. The representatives will be on hand to answer any of your Thirty-One business questions. Back to top

Will nursing mothers be able to bring infants?

Yes, nursing infants under the age of 2 may accompany you. If your child is over the age of 2 you need to register them as a guest for them to attend with you. Back to top

Will there be an area for my nursing baby?

Yes, we’ve reserved private rooms for mothers with nursing or crying babies. Back to top

Will the facilities be handicapped-accessible?

Yes, the facilities used for Conference are handicapped-accessible. Back to top

Will there be interpreters on-site for the hearing-impaired?

Yes, we’ll ensure interpreters are available for hearing-impaired attendees. Please make sure you’ve indicated all hearing-impaired needs in your online registration so that we can accommodate your needs. Back to top

What kind of clothing is appropriate for Conference?

It will likely be hot outside during July, and if you are planning on exploring the area, summer apparel is very appropriate. For most Conference activities, business casual is appropriate. During our Awards Night, many attendees choose to dress more formally.

Please note: Sometimes meeting rooms can be chilly, so you may want to bring a light sweater to stay comfortable! Back to top

What should I do the day I arrive?

If you are flying in: The Columbus International Airport is approximately 10 miles from downtown Columbus and our convention site. Hotels do not offer complimentary airport transportation. Be sure to pick up your registration packet upon arrival.

If you are driving in: Most hotels have 3 p.m. check-in times, but this varies. Check with your individual hotel on their policy, parking fees and directions. Be sure to pick up your registration packet upon arrival. Back to top

Where can I park if I drive to Conference?

There is plenty of parking within walking distance of the convention centers and arena. Please visit for further details. Back to top

Will Thirty-One provide shuttles from hotels to Conference?

Yes. We’re happy to provide shuttles from hotels we’ve contracted with for Conference. The shuttle service will transport you to the facilities used for Conference and back each day. The shuttle service will be offered throughout the day.

  • Buses will constantly loop around to each hotel during peak times.
  • The bus schedules will be announced at a later date.
  • Shuttle buses will pick you up at a designated spot at your hotel and will drop you off and pick you up at the facilities used for Conference. Please look for the signs that say “Hotel Shuttle Buses.”
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Will Thirty-One provide shuttles from the airport to my hotel?

No, check with your hotel directly – they may offer free or reduced shuttles from the airport. Most of the hotels are 10-20 minutes from the airport. Back to top


When can I register?

  • March 3 – National Executive Directors & Senior Executive Directors
  • March 4 – Directors & above
  • March 5 – Open to all active Consultants
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Who can I contact with questions about Conference?

Please direct questions about Conference to Back to top

When does online registration close?

Online registration closes Saturday, May 31, at 11:59 p.m. EST. After this date, you will be directed to register in person for Conference beginning Tuesday, July 22, in Columbus.

  • There will be a $50 late registration fee added for all onsite registrations. This will apply to previously cancelled registrations as well as new registrations. This fee will be waived for new Consultants joining the business after May 31, 2014.
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What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Consultants who paid all or any registration fees will have until Saturday, May 31, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. EST to cancel and receive a refund of any amount paid over the $50 non-refundable registration fee. After May 31, no refunds will be processed.

  • If a Consultant registered and is fully paid for Conference but cannot attend and does not cancel prior to May 31, she’ll receive her awards, registration packet amenities (T-shirt and informational papers only) by mail. After Conference, no refunds or other amenities will be sent to her.
  • If a Consultant cancels prior to May 31, a refund of any amount paid, excluding the $50 non-refundable registration fee, will be credited back to her credit card. Any amenities, awards and registration packet will not be available or sent to her.
  • Consultants must attend Conference to receive any amenities (with the exception of registration T-shirt and informational papers).

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