Adjusted Learning

March 2020

Important Dates

March 6: Spring Dance 2:15-4:00 PM

March 9: Viking Buddies St. Patrick's Day Party

March 18: Community Field Trip- Walmart

March 23: Spring Break begins

March 30: School resumes after Spring Break

March Unit: Making Waves~ Light and Sound

This month we will be exploring how how light and sound waves interact with various materials.

Chapter 1- The Spring Play

Chapter 2- Light Waves on the Move

Chapter 3- Bright Light and Colors

Chapter 4- Vibrations and Sound

Chapter 5- Echos Everywhere

Chapter 6- Testing Lights and Sounds

The life skills lessons in this unit focus on how light and sound are used in students' daily lives.

Throughout this unit, students will work on habits following a daily schedule, learn how to use a lighted crosswalk sign to help them safely cross the street, use communication skills to have conversations about music, use self-advocacy skills to determine volume levels in noisy situations, etc.

Unit Resources

Community Field Trip- Walmart

This month we will be going shopping at Walmart to purchase supplies for our Life Skills Center. We will send home a letter and permission slip with more information soon.

Snack Time

Just a reminder we have snack time built into our schedule each day. Students can bring in a daily snack.


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Community Resources

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