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What exactly are pendulums?

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely.
How Does A Pendulum Work? (Mr. Wizard)

ACTIVITY #1 Pendulums

Use the website below to help you research pendulums, and answer questions in the Activity #1-Pendulums, below.

*Click on "Factoids" when you get to the website.


Did you know that you can change the speed in which a pendulum sways back and forth on the fulcrum, simply by changing the amount of its load? You can also do so by changing the gravitational force...or the length of the string in this case. In this activity, try changing the speed of your pendulum. First, test the speed and period of your pendulum by changing the amount of the load. Next, change the angle at which you release the load, and last, change the length of the string. Record your information on the document below the web link. (Title Activity #2 Form). Open up a new web browser tab above so you can toggle back and forth. Use the website below to help you with the Activity # 2 Pendulums Questions.

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