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Parents choice Babysitting

Hi, I'm Cydney Mcafee and I would be so blessed to babysit your child.She/He will be in loving,caring,and in fun care.I do prefer 3-18 months,but will babysit any age.Infants can be hard to handle and difficult to please,but with my assistant your child will be smiling as bright as the sun!So feel free to call!

Why choose Me as your babysitter

As a babysitter,I am an assertive CPR and First Aid expert!I care only for the safety and satisfaction of the child and parent.I am able for one-time,part-time,or full-time and,as the parent,you are able to get a full background from me.I am able to achieve any task the parent ask and do any in my power to protect your loving child.

TLC Babysitting

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