TMA Golf Outing 2014

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Hope you enjoyed your day of golf and gathering!

We hope you enjoyed your day at the 2014 TMA Golf Outing.

Congratulations to the 18 winners who took home a bottle of wine compliments of Maynards Industries (1991), Inc..

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The Maynards Story

A century after its founding, Maynards Industries is still considered one of North America's preeminent Auction, Liquidation and Appraisal companies. Headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia; Maynards has offices in Detroit, Toronto, Europe and Japan to service our global customer base.

Maynards Industries Industrial Division, headquartered in Detroit, MI, has been the exclusive Auction/Liquidator to General Motors for more than a decade now. As of 2008, Maynards has been the exclusive Aucton/Liquidator serving General Motors Europe. From the automotive industry to the pulp and paper industry and all industries in between, Maynards Industries has multiple professionals in place to cover all of our clients needs.

Maynards Industries Appraisal Division truly is second to none. Our vast knowledge and experience of industrial equipment and retail inventories is something we take great pride in. Maynards Appriasal Professionals always include a detailed asset description, which gives the recipient of our reports confidence that the appraiser understood the assets which were inspected. Maynards uses the most current auction and dealer sales data to reach real world values. This is crucial in today's rapidly changing economy. Whether you're an asset based lender, business owner, or investor, you can rely on Maynards Industries to deliver a high quality and accurate appraisal every time.