Bryson Creed

Ag creed

Where I see myself in the future?

I see myself leading a new era in technology. I will show everyone how to create a device to unite all the countries. I will put my family before anything else and anyone. My family shall always be financially supported by me.


Life is a gift given to all men and women in the world. Life is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. I could influence others to do more with their lives than they are right now. If you don't enjoy your life you will hate it. Life is meant to be enjoyed so enjoy your life or there is no point in life.

My Beliefs

I am a Christian so I believe that god almighty sacrificed his one and only son to forgive our sins. You should work hard at everything you do. If you don't work hard at something there is no point in doing it. I will give people something to believe in by inspiring people to do the best they can do at everything they try.