Adopt a dog, now!

you must not be underdog to have a dog.

The relationship between people and dogs

The most profound connection between people live affects us from an early age to old age. We all tell ourselves some dogs help humans and some great love they give us, do not judge us, and accept us unconditionally.

Dogs can reach a child's cognitive level 4, which means that they can understand more than 250 words. Perhaps this is one reason for the possible exciting connections between dogs for kids!

Dogs help health!

Dogs are extending the duration of our lives.
Studies have shown that people have a dog blood pressure goes down, and so is the stress.

Research shows that dogs create a relaxed atmosphere at home. Pet dog at least two minutes a day, blood pressure decreases by about 10%, 8% from heart disease, cholesterol, 10%, 8% and general diseases, so that a good relationship is physically

Thay can feel us...

Anyone who brings his dog know that special connection with him. Now, these feelings are given academic stamp. New behavioral research reveals that dogs really call us, even better than we ever can we understand ourselves. According to the study, the dogs are so involved with the person they are born with this incredible capability.


There are hundreds of dogs can not get out of their warm bed to drink their drink their water from their dish or beg for food from their owners ...
And there are people that a dog can only improve the quality of life and reduce them a little pressure ...
Their relationship is that I have dogs and need one they are willing to give and receive love and affection, travelers alone in the streets, waiting for one to love them and keep them warm in the cold winter ..
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I hope that you read and saw the videos and understand that dog is more than a pet is a friend!