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Similarities to Earth

. Mars diameter is 4,212 miles which is a tad smaller than that of Earth.

. The average distance from Mars to the sun is about 141,600,000 miles.

. The length of day on Mars is 1 day 0 hours and 40 minutes which is very close to a day on Earth.

. Mars also has no rings surrounding it as the same as Earth.

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Differences from Earth

. The average temperature on Mars can range from -80 degrees F on a winter day to a high of 70 degrees F on a summer day. At night temperatures can plummet to -100 degrees F.

. The length of a year on Mars is 687 Earth days due to a longer revolution around the sun.

. Mars has a total of two moons known as Phobos and Deimos.

Why is Mars a match for you?

Mars has multiple similarities to that of Earth allowing us to adjust and be comfortable with any new encounters we may face.

. On Mars you will experience extreme seasons due to the multiple dust storms that occur. We will never get bored of the never ending winter days as seasons are always changing. There are multiple shelters put in place to keep you safe during any threatening dust storm. Another positive is the fact that there is already existing water on mars just in solid form, which is easy to convert into being usable.

. Mars is made up of rocks and not gases making it safer than the surrounding planets such as Jupiter (gas giant). Also with Mars being relatively close to the sun you will only experience 62.5% less gravity than that on Earth as we have produced a building that relies on the centripetal force to stimulate the same gravity. With this machine it will allow our bodies to gradually adjust to less gravity without losing all bone and muscle mass.