The Bully

By Paul Langan

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The Bully is about a kid named Darrell and he is moving away to California. He is leaving all his friends. His friends are very important because he is very small for his age. One of his friends, Malike would back off bullies from Darrell because he is a freshman. His new school is called Bluford High School. At the store he sees this girl he likes named Amberlynn and he talks to her. On the way home he meets his worst enemy, Tyray the biggest bully in the school and Tyray makes Darrell give him money every week or he will bully him physically. Darrell thought that it was so wrong and he has to do something about it. So he joins the Bluford High wrestling team. There he gains a few pounds and learned wrestling skills.

He read a book called Hatchet and is trying to grow inner strength. So one day he said he wouldn't pay Tyray. So Tyray makes the lunch lady work and she is sore all over so

Darrell gets FURIOUS and tells Tyray to shut up. Tyray and Darrell start to fight and Darrells friends tell Tyray to back off. But he doesnt so Tyray comes at Darrell and Darrell does a wrestling move called the double leg his favourite and breaks Tyray's wrist so he goes to the office but he tells the office the truth about Tyray and he doesn't get suspended. Tyray gets expelled!

Character Analysis

Darrell at the beginning is very mad and sad that he is leaving his friends and that he is nervous because Malike isn't there to protect him from the bullies. Darrell at the end is willing and strong and brave and has found his inner strength because he is not afraid of Tyray the bully anymore so he decided to fight him.
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Paul Langan

Born in Philadelphia 1972, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his mother to southern New Jersey. After graduation he worked for a nonprofit agent and then joined Townsend press as an assistant editor. He has served as both editor of the series and author or coauthor of the five of ten novels. The Bully, The Gun, Summer of Secrets, Brother in Arms, and Blood is Thicker.His stories reflect personal experiences, including the difficulties of growing up without a father and the many challenges students face in school.
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Paul Langan

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Book Comparison

I compare The Bully to How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill because Darrell moves to a new place a is nervous and so is Rafe and Darrell gets bullied and so does Rafe. Also at the beginning of each of the books they both have no friends at the very beginning.
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Middle School: How I Survived... Chapters 1-4 Reading Homework (Mrs. Sheets)

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