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Journalism Major

About journalism

When entering a this program the students study a lot of professional skills needed to get the media jobs of this century. They use a lot of ethical legal things like debate. These students take a critical look at the practices, roles, and significance that effect the new media today. They help give out information to the world. Which is very important

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Graduate

Interpersonal/Organizational Communication interpersonal/organizational communication

Media studies Media Studies

Journalism journalism

Public relations public relations

Fine Arts and Communication fine arts & communication

Examples of journalism

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financial aid

1.Federal Pell Grants 2. Federal perkins loan 3. federal direct subsidized and unsubsidize stafford loans 4.federal direct PLUS loans 5.federal supplemental education opportunity grants 6. state loans 7. state need-based scholarships and grants 8. institutional need-based scholarships and grants 9.private need-based scholarships and grants