The Golden-cheeked warbler

An endangered bird at risk!

Golden-Cheeked warbler

( or Dendroica chrysoparia) is a bird species with Bright Yellow cheeks and black streaks down it's wings. But this colorful bird is part of the endangered species list.

Why are they endangered?

The main threat to this bird is habitat loss, with much of its breeding grounds are gone. With a small restricted breeding ground it makes the birds more vulnerable, and with populations isolation it reduces their gene flow. And as deforestation continues it shortens the growth of the juniper-oak that the Warbler needs.

Fun Facts

They are the only bird Species whose population is in Texas.

Although the Golden-cheeked Warbler nests in Texas and travel Mexico in the winter, wayward individuals have turned up in Florida, the Virgin Islands, and off the coast of California.

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