Napoleon III

1852 - 1870


Napoleon III was the emperor of the Second French Empire. Napoleon III turned France into a liberal nation, and aimed to grow French influence around the world. He also widened the streets in Paris in order to counteract uprisings. Napoleon III died in exile in 1873.

Napoleon's Rise to Power:

Considering himself the rightful owner of the French thrown, Napoleon published a writing in order to get his name widely known. In this paper he explained why only an emperor could return France to glory. Napoleon attempted a coup that imitated Napoleon I's hundred days, but failed and was exiled. After the New Republic was established, Napoleon was allowed to return to France and eventually won a seat of power.

Franco-Prussian War:

Napoleon saw Prussia as a threat to France's power, and declared war with them. This backfired, however, and allowed Germany to come to power. During the battle of Sedan, Napoleon was captured, ending his reign of power.

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Personal Commentary

Napoleon III implemented many things to benefit the people of France. He helped to expand Paris, promoted public works, ensured low bread prices, and promoted sanitary housing for workers. Napoleon was vital to France's rise to glory and the quality of life of its people.