Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

Thank you to Coach Bearden, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Paterson, Ms. Parks and everyone that made Specials Night a huge success....families had a great time!!!
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Week at a Glance: April 16th-20th

Specials B Week


2nd Grade PLC

Coaches @ Jim Knight Training


Kinder PLC

3rd Grade Field Trip

4th Grade Math BM

*Kinder and 4th switch specials


4th Grade PLC

Malinda @ Principal's Meeting

Mentor Day

3:30-Bilingual Task Force Meeting


1st Grade PLC

Kinder Field Trip

Wes @ LPAC Training-Morning

3rd Grade Math BM

*3rd grade specials will be at 2:10


3rd Grade PLC

Tiger Challenge

Notes from Malinda

2018-19 Placement

During PLC time on the date listed below, your team will work on placement for the 2018-19 school year. I will be sending more information soon.

Kinder-May 2nd

1st-May 4th

2nd-May 7th

3rd-May 24th

Student Mastery???

Consider the picture below...who would you say has mastered the content?
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Staff Birthdays

Maria Leshe-4/18