Oceana The heart of the Sea.

By Sophia


Oceana The Heart of the Sea.

Oceana The Heart of the sea.

By Sophia Ollenburg

Once upon a time there was a goddess named oceana and she was the goddess of the heart of the sea and the ocean one day she was walking on top of the water looking out seeing and the villagers below her and having fun she wanted to go and have some fun and playing games but her father mammoth did not let her she had to go in the kingdom and wait for everybody to come to her party.

Why she was getting ready for her party she heard loud screaming, she quickly the wind outside it was her evil twin sister toon the goddess of thunder storms she has a pet dragon who was breaking the village.Oceana got all the villagers inside her casil and went back to toon.Toon why did you have to wreak are viligge well said toon you and your villagers has been breaking my sculptures and I only have 4 left well said oneana you can have this sculptures and are villagers made it for you. Boom! said toon, I don't want your stupid sculptures I WANT MINE! yelled toon well we are even know because you wreaked are villege yes said toon but i want my sculptures said toon well here is a gift said oceana a star fish made out of thunder wow!said said toon thanks and went to her dragan and flew away and never came back.

The villagers came back and thanked oceana and let her play for the rest of the day it was her real party!