Swimming: The 200 Meter IM

50 meters of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke, Freestyle

Swimming: For only the Best of the Best

Swimming is one of the world’s oldest sports, and there is evidence of the sport being practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Swimming is a team sport and it’s not a sport like any other it’s much harder than any other sport you could imagine. While it is individual. Teams still train together and do relays together as well, making it a team sport. Swimming requires great mental focus. it also uses almost every muscle in the body, you've got to control you're breathing and your strokes have to be almost perfect if you want to be fast. That’s why swimmers have to do dryland (Running, Bear crawls, Weights, stretch cords, and other things) before actually swimming.

What Is an IM?

IM stands for individual Medley. A medley is a collection of stuff. So for a Medley in swimming it would only make sense if it was a collection of all the strokes. That would include Butterfly, Backstoke, Breastroke, and Freestyle. In order to do a 200 Meter IM, you would have to do 50 meters of each stroke. Since 200 divided by 4 equals 50.

The Goal of My Study

The goal of my study is to determine what the difference is between the Men's and Women's winning times and see when the two times will be the same.

Scatter Plot

Women's = +

Men's= = Cube

Line Of Best Fit

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At A Crossroads

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The X Coordinate

The Years the Olympics were held

The Y Coordinates

The Times for the 200 IM
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