Cyber Bullying- What to Do

Being safe online

Personal Contact, and what you should do

'An adult, who makes contact with a young person to have a sexual relationship with them, is breaking the law according to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.'

If somebody has been asking you online, or in person to do something you dont want to do, or is harasssing you online, and threatening you, dont be worried. there is something you can do. you can click the 'report' button, which is on any social networking page. If you dont't want to do that, you can talk to one of your most trusted friends, which isn't the safest optoion but if you don't eant to talk to an adult or a parent, you still sould definitely tell somebody. They are breaking the law, not you. you shouldnt be worried.

Age of Consent

If you are 10 or over, and you are being bullied, you can report it, and somebody will do something about it. there is NO need to be woprried. it cannot get worse, as they will be watched, making sure they dont hurt you anymore. if it is severe bullying, and they are over the age of 10, they could be arrested.

or, if you are over 10, and you think you might be bullying somebody, stop. This is not unfair to the person you are bullying. YOU WOULDOT LIKE IT IF SOMEBODY DID THIS TO YOU. if you are having trouble at home, or somewhere else, do not take it out on somebody at school. talk to someone. there are people who can help you.

Also, it is illegal to have sexual contact if you are under the age of 16. it is also illegal to send somebody pictures if either of you are under the age of 18. even if your boyfriend is 19 and you are 17. it is illegal for hi to send you stuff, and if he gets caught, it will be a paedophilic act. DON'T DO IT. you could be arrested,there are serious concequences.