Manvel FFA

Mighty Mavericks

Barn Contracts

If you signed up for a pen for the Booth Barn for State Fair or Brazoria County Fair please read this email in full! If you are not signed up for a pen you can disregard.

We will be having our VIRTUAL barn contract meeting on May 6th at 6:30 PM. It is MANDATORY to attend if you want to bring your animal to the facility. Please go to this link to join the meeting that day.

We will be discussing the district approved move in process and new rules that will be in place for students keeping their animals at the Booth Facility. We will also be discussing the barn contract.

Thank you and hope everyone is doing well!

Manvel FFA Advisors

Officer Candidates

These are the Manvel FFA Officer Candidates. We will announce the candidate positions at a later date.

Kasey Davis

Natalie Flores

Benjamin Mooney

Matthew Ross

Caitlin Sheridan

Alyssa Whitehead


We will be sending information out through remind regularly. See the code below.


Remind 101- text 81010 @kmaros

Scramble Commercial Heifer

Commercial heifer and steer Validation is June 6th as of now. If you have any questions you can call Mr. Butler @ 936-870-7339

Important Barn Informtion

1. Students with BCFA heifers at the Ag facilities will continue to have normal access to the facility, however that is subject to change if the county changes their guidelines. ALSO Students need to feed and leave. Please take care of business and then leave.

2. Make sure all animals that are not for BCFA 2020 are removed by Sunday March 29th.

3. All major students should have their pens and lockers cleaned out by Sunday March 29th.

4. For Animals whose projects are staying at the barn you need to have 2 weeks worth of feed on hand at the barn.

Brazoria County Validation Dates

Texas FFA Validation Committee- Please Read

Animal Species

If you want turkeys or chickens for BCF see Mr. Butler.

Lamb or goats for BCF please fill out this form:

Pigs for State Fair/BCF see Ms. Marosko

Manvel FFA Website

You can register your email on here and see dates as well.

On the right side of the page is the register button.

Livestock Clinics

Barn Reminder Updates

  • Animals are not allowed in the feed rooms.
  • If your animal poops anywhere pick it up and dispose of it.
  • The dry erase boards is reversed for Agriculture Science Teachers/Barn Managers.
  • Please do not place wheel barrows against any cattle pens in the barn.

Barn Guidelines

1. Clean your pens daily and dispose of the waste in the dump trailer.

2. Pick up after yourself and your animals, this means POOP!

3. Put up hoses, blowers, clippers, supplies when done with them.

4. Put trash in the trashcans and empty them when they are full.

3. Work your animals daily to help with showmanship.

4. Feed on a constant schedule to help with weight gain.

5. Make sure if you are the last person at the barn that the gate is closed and locked.

Phone Calls

Please be courteous in contacting an Ag teacher on the weekends. Please do not call or text before 8 am unless it is an emergency. We as people do need rest and do have families. Thank you in advance.

Chain of Command

If you have an issue, concern or question. Please follow the correct chain of command.

1. Ag Teacher(s)

2. Courtney Webb

3. Craig Kettler

4. Garnet Foster

5. Ms. Flowers

Local Veterinarians

Dr. Peterson, DVM

Seabrook, TX


Dr. Jenkins, DVM

Santa Fe, TX


409-925-1629 (alt)

Dr. Knape, DVM

Alvin, TX


Dr. Hall, DVM

Dayton, TX


Important dates


Instagram @manvelffa


Remind 101- text 81010 @kmaros


Remind 101- text 81010@manvelpig

Manvel Barn

Remind 101- text 81010 @ manvelbar

Lamb and Goat

Remind 101- text 81010 @ mffalandg

Vet Science Team

Remind 101- text 81010 @ manvelffa