By: Lauren, Andrew, Guillermo, Haley


The Arabian Peninsula is located in Asia


Islam is a very complex and demanding religion, followers of this religion are called Muslims. Islam means "submission to the will of god" Islam is an open religion, anyone can join.

Key people

Religious Texts

The Qur'an which God revealed to Muhammed

the Zabun which God revealed to David.

The Ingil which God revealed to Jesus.

The Torah which God revealed to Moses.

Key Beliefs

Muslims are monotheistic and their god has no son nor partner. No one has the right to be worshiped but him. The Arabic word for god is Allah. The five pillars which they live their life by. (Shahada: faith, Salah: prayer, zakah: donate, sawm: fasting, hajj: pilgrimage)


  • Take shoes off when entering buildings
  • Men cannot wear shorts into a mosque
  • Women should not wear short sleeves into a mosque
  • Cannot take pictures of anyone in the mosque
  • Do not walk in front of people praying
  • Cannot talk loudly to people
  • Cannot be rude, or harsh to people

Holy days

  • Dates are determined by the lunar calendar
  • Milad Un Nab - The prophets birthday
  • Ramadan - The beginning of their month long fast
  • Eid - Al - Fitr - The end of the fast
  • Eid - Al - Adha - Celebrating the sacrifice of Ishamel by Abraham
  • Hijra - Muslim new year



  • An aspect dimension of Islam
  • Empathic that Islam be learned by teachers
Few in numbers, this subdivision focuses on developing their inner character


  • Largest and oldest in history
  • Agree on the fundamentals
  • Same holy book

Holy symbol

The holy symbol is a crescent moon with a star because the use of the lunar calendar.