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Hosp Elementary, November 16, 2015

Mistakes grow your brain!

The video that I sent out last week (How to Learn Math) really got me thinking. As teachers, we sometimes want to give our students too much guidance. It really is important for students to "grapple" with their ideas and let them make mistakes. Struggle and mistakes are really important. If students aren't at least a little uncomfortable, they aren't learning. They need to know that it is okay to make mistakes, and that it is expected.
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Curriculum Updates

  • Cluster 4 is now loaded for all grade levels.
  • Kinder Mentor Lesson 3.6 has been revised. You can access the updated version of this lesson in Eduphoria Forethought.The updated lesson has a new poem attached to support K.8B (describes characters in a story and their reasons for their actions.

The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo

This is my new favorite book! It is like a recipe book for reading strategies. If you are struggling for ideas for your strategy groups, this is where you need to look!

She says in the book that, "Strategies are deliberate, effortful, intentional and purposeful actions a reader takes to accomplish a specific task or skill. A reading strategy is step-by-step, a procedure or recipe."

There is one copy of this book in my room, but 2 more are on their way! :)


A few notes from our math coordinators:

  1. Due to a substitute shortage, it was necessary for us to postpone last Friday's previously scheduled curriculum writing. We will have curriculum documents for cluster 3, which begins in January, as soon as we can complete them. We will have cluster planners, CBAs, and daily problem solving available before Thanksgiving. Lessons will be posted when we return from break.
  2. Remember that Supporting documents for the revised Math TEKS are available for order at the copy center. These documents make a great companion tool for planning!
  3. Remind teams to refer to Forethought throughout the cluster because as ideas/activities/lessons are shared with us, we add them to Eduphoria for all to use. We also post announcements on adjustments made to CBAs or lessons in the Forethought window.

Math Process Standards

Below is a picture that explains the math process standards. It really breaks them down and explains the student expectations.
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